About Modern Living Deals

Who We Are

Modern Living Deals is a fastest growing local deals promotion startup in India.Modern Living Deals offers services,products,experiences and travel deals all over the country and beyond.We make it possible for you to get more of the things you need for home and living lifestyle.

We at Modern Living Deals promote all local deals near you which will enhance our living lifestyle and make us more productive refreshing and have a healthy living lifestyle.

        Our story began in 2017 in a small studio in the middle of nowhere with only one desk and next to no free time.Our passion for life and modern way of living lifestyle brought our vision and idea to life.

Why Choose Us

  • Our deals bring trusted professional,finest and quality services,products and experiences to our customers, to create and experience something very special.
  • We believe in quality,care and creating different solutions and deals that everyone can enjoy.
  • We are inspired by people around us and our deals will make life's colorful,creative and inspire by what we see everyday.
  • Every deal on our market place is taken care and represents what we love about the world we live-in.We hope they'll inspire you too.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring the best of life's experiences to everyone,everyday be it our customers ,be it our vendors and finally our highly valued team.

Local is an immense opportunity,one that only continues to grow as more small businesses seek to take advantage of the power offered by huge platforms to significantly grow income and impact.

consumers want an easier way to discover and buy amazing things around them. In other words, consumers want to buy from small businesses, but they want small businesses to be able to play a level game with the biggest and best companies in the world in terms of service and convenience.

what we do everyday as how we do it,so at Modern Living we live by our core values,play as a team,be determined,stay hungry,create unique designs and inspire.

All our values pave the way we operate with each other , our customers and vendors to ensure.We are delivering the best of life's experiences to everyone everyday. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to accelerate delivering on the needs and desires of merchants and consumers in Local commerce. To extend the advantage we’ve built our online platform, we plan to continue making transformational tools for small businesses and delivering an amazing array of local deals, experiences and goods for customers. We believe we’re well positioned to deliver: we’re running leaner and more efficiently than ever; we’re launching experiences and products that delight merchants and consumers alike, and we’re executing well across the business. Our  execution and a great team can continue to deliver excellent results while helping customers save and small businesses succeed, building vibrant neighborhoods in the process. We expect that to continue. Customer Experience As Modern Living Deals has evolved, it became clear that our Deals and product should evolve to match the changing expectations of consumers and merchants.

Most important, the entire experience should take advantage of our best-in-class mobile app and be supported by a great customer service team.